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With 30 stations on-air and more to follow, the network began broadcasting non-English programs in 1992 with Italian being the first language introduced.

The history of the Italian community in Australia is a vibrant one with a long migration to Australia and establishment of deep roots in cities everywhere.

Almost 300,000 people speak Italian at home, making it the second largest non-English language in Australia.

Almost a million Australians have Italian ancestry with more than 400,000 having both parents born in Italy.

The Italian program of Niche Radio, Rete Italia, reflects the views and interests of the segments within this community.

News, sport and talk back are of great interest to Italians, with the inclusion of targeted segments of special interest to new migrants, recently established Italians, and those who have been here for some time and who are still enjoying their ancestral culture and interests.

Shows also target new arrivals who may need assistance with migration law, employment information and basic settlement issues.

Experts conduct talk back and regularly listen to the questions of young hopefuls who are escaping a devastated European economy and are, in many cases, reuniting with distant relatives.


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