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The Mysteries of Leonardo - Leonardo Segreto

Art historian Costantino D’Orazio reveals the hidden enigmas in the masterpieces of this genius. Painter, Sculptor, Inventor, Scientist, Musician, Architect. The eclectic Leonardo da Vinci is considered to be one of the greatest genius known to humankind, the creator of the world’s most famous painting, a precursor for many modern inventions and yet he is still one of history’s most enigmatic figures. There are many questions which surround him: how is it that we was never able to bring to completion even one of his works, as is the case of the “Mona Lisa”? Why did a scientist of his calibre paint “The Last Supper” on such fragile material? Why are we unable to identify beyond a doubt the figures he painted, as is the case for the “Belle ferroniere”? The life and work of Vinci are a rebus which Costantino D’Orazio deciphers using a new, interpretative key which follows Vinci’s paintings like Ariadne’s thread to explore the labyrinthical mind of the artist. D’Orazio takes each painted work as an opportunity for understanding Leonardo’s creative personality, because through his paintbrush appear all the fields he studied: from anatomy to the study of nature, from engineering to music. As an art historian, D’Orazio will illustrate all those details that, like pieces of a puzzle, contain hints needed to unveil his greatest piece of work: who was Leonardo da Vinci? A talk in English.

Date Ottobre 28, 2019 - Ottobre 28, 2019
Ora 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Italian Cultural Institute 233 Domain Road
South Yarra