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    Mapping social potential in community spaces: Ethno-specific museums as intercultural places

    How do you see Italian Australian culture developing and changing over time? Co.As.It. is hosting two community forums and activity sessions to help understand how ideas around identity, culture and community are expressed in everyday life. The discussion sessions will be facilitated by Katrina Lolicato, who is undertaking a PhD at Deakin University with the support of Co.As.It. staff. The relevant findings will assist Co.As.It. plan its cultural programs. You will be asked to reflect on: our own experiences as a first, second or third generation Australian; the kinds of issues that are important to you and your family and friends today; the current permanent exhibition at Co.As.It.’s Museo Italiano; and issues around intergenerational, interregional and intercultural relationships. We are inviting anyone interested in sharing their perspective to come along. Sessions will run for approximated two hours. Individuals, couples and family groups of all ages welcome. RSVP: Eventbrite or For information, email Katrina at:

    Date February 11, 2018 - February 12, 2018
    Time 11:00am - 8:00pm
    Co.As.It. Museo Italiano