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    Twigs That Never Took

    Perhaps it is her wedding day. Perhaps it is her second wedding day. Perhaps it is a day of remembrance and reflection. Regardless of marriages past, present or future, in 'Twigs That Never Took', we see a woman clawing at the world to stay visible, to not disappear and to find happiness. In a world where older women are constantly overlooked by society, casting agents and constituents alike, Donna De Palma has carved out a unique place on the theatrical stage with Twigs That Never Took. She looks at the personal loneliness, professional retrenchment and social apathy that women can be faced with, and turns it into a delightfully thought-provoking one-act work of comedy, tragedy, truth and fantasy. From striking cuttings and historical anecdotes to shadow puppetry and bridal fashion, this production is refreshingly unique in its perspective and upliftingly optimistic in its delivery. Written and performed by Donna De Palma, who has worked extensively in theatre, Theatre in Education and touring comedy shows. She has also worked in film, television, voice overs and puppetry. However, as roles begin to dwindle, her passion for performing along with her refusal to be satisfied with fewer substantial roles, has inspired her to create her own solo show.

    Date September 12, 2017 - September 17, 2017
    Time 5:30pm - 7:30pm
    (03) 9663 8107
    The Butterfly Club