Born in the small town of Cervicati, Adelina was made an ambassador and received the Piatto dell’Accademia (Academy Plate) during a recent trip back home to Calabria.

The plate is the academy’s highest honour.

“I feel humbled and honoured,” Adelina said upon receiving the award.

The Accademia delle Tradizioni Enogastronomiche di Calabria works with chefs, restaurants and members of the agriculture industry to ensure that Calabrian cuisine is protected and promoted both in the southern Italian region and across the world.

“It all started some time ago, with an exchange of posts, messages and photos of traditional recipes,” the academy said.

“We could already see that Mrs Adelina Fiorito Pulford had her heart, head, soul and hands in the most authentic Calabrian traditions.”

The academy added that Adelina has become the face of Calabrian cooking.

“It’s particularly moving to hear about turdiddri, scaliddre, nnuglia, and alici arriganate with a vaguely English accent,” it said.

“You could go on for days, talking about the old customs and forgotten food that Adelina miraculously manages to prepare in Melbourne, always in search of the best products.”

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