The daughter of Mexican actress Linda Christian and American actor Tyrone Power, Romina was born in Los Angeles but spent much of her childhood living with her mother and sister in Mexico and Italy.

In 1975, she and then husband Albano Carrisi formed the Italian pop music duo Romina Power and Al Bano.

They are known as Italy’s “favourite musical couple”.

The pair were highly successful throughout Italy and mainland Europe in the 1980s and 1990s, with best-known hits including Felicità, Sempre,sempre, Sharazan and Tu, soltanto tu (Mi hai fatto innamorare).

Al Bano and Romina are regulars on Italy’s premiere event the Sanremo Song Contest, with a combined effort of 10 attendances, including one victory and the rest all top 10 finishes.

They also represented Italy twice at Eurovision, with two top 10 finishes: in 1976 with We’ll live it all again and in 1985 with Magic oh Magic.

Romina Power and Al Bano experienced great tragedy when the eldest of their four children, Ylenia Maria Sole Carrisi, disappeared under mysterious circumstances while visiting New Orleans in 1994, at age 23.

She has never been found.

Although husband and wife split up in 1999, they reunited professionally in 2013.

While Romina is turning 68 today, Al Bano is 76.

The pair will be bringing their groove-driven and romantic music downunder for what is likely to be their last appearances on Australian soil.

After their Sydney performance on October 7, the enchanting duo will travel to Melbourne for their final Australian show on October 12.

For tickets to the Sydney performance, visit the State Theatre’s website.