The Consortium was established in 1994, as an initiative of five companies which produce the lemon liqueur limoncello, which comes from the Sorrentino Peninsula and Capri Island.

Limoncello is produced according to an ancient recipe invented by local farmers in the area.

The lemons are peeled by hand with artisanal care and the rinds are then immersed in an alcohol derived from grain.

It is important to note that the liqueur is made from a cold infusion rather than a distillation.

The lemons, which are grown on the Sorrentino Peninsula and on Capri Island, have distinct sensory characteristics which are specific to this area.

The Consortium also reassures consumers that the lemons used in production are not treated with chemical agents, resulting in an organic product which better allows the consumer to experience the characteristics of the lemon which are typical and exclusive to this region.

Many tourists and guests have visited the area and tasted and appreciated the lemon liqueur.

The companies which make up the Consortium are: Alimentari Italia s.r.l. – Vico Equense, Capri Natura – Capri, Gioia Luisa – Piano di Sorrento, Limoncello di Capri – Capri, Piemme – Capri.