The new ban on carry-on bags was announced on June 11 as part of the country’s latest emergency decree.

At the time it seemed that only “large” trolley cases would be prohibited, with no mention of the use of overhead lockers.

The rule change was later clarified, however, by the National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC), and Italian daily Il Corriere della Sera reported that the use of all overhead lockers for any type of luggage would be banned, in order to ensure the “health” of passengers. 

However, there’s a loophole: small handbags and items which can be placed under the seat in front of you are still allowed.

The measure aims to prevent aisles being blocked and crowds forming whilst passengers are boarding or disembarking, in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus. 

All passengers, even on long-haul flights, will have to store their hand luggage in the aircraft hold free of charge.

There are various other restrictions in place on flights, including a requirement for passengers to wear a face mask and to fill out a form.

Meanwhile, social distancing rules on planes have been dropped, and passengers are no longer required to be seated apart.

It comes as the EU prepares to reopen its borders to travellers from outside the bloc in July, including Australian tourists.