To welcome the return of this culinary sensation, Francesco Mannelli will be hosting his much anticipated Festival of Truffle, at Mode Kitchen & Bar, in Sydney, from June 17 until mid-August.

Throughout this celebrated period, curious diners and truffle enthusiasts alike can enjoy the distinct truffle flavour with the launch of a three-course Truffle Tasting Menu.

Guests will be treated to a menu that highlights the rich and unique ingredient, complimented by the finest seasonal produce, consistent with the very foundations at the core of Mannelli’s kitchen.

Mannelli grew up in close contact with food and nature just outside of Florence.

He would help look after the vegetable garden in summer and prepare the salami and prosciutto in winter.

Truffle season was and still is a highly anticipated time of the year for the head chef, and one kept close to his heart.

“I have fond memories as a child growing up in Florence hunting truffles with my father’s friend and his dog in San Miniato, a famous truffle town,” he said.

“The dog would sniff out the most spectacular truffles – but we had to be quick or he would eat them himself!”

The Australian truffle season runs from June to mid-August.

In Italy, the truffle has been used for thousands of years but was allegedly introduced into modern day gastronomy by Giacomo Morra, a hotelier and restaurateur from the town of Alba in the Piedmont region, famous for the white truffle.

There are over a hundred different truffle varieties, but the most sought-after are the white truffle of Alba and the black truffle of Norcia.

The latter has a less intense smell than the white truffle, but is equally favoured by gourmet experts.

The black truffle is gathered between November and March, growing in abundance throughout central Italy, especially in the region of Umbria where it is referred to as the “black diamond” and used in dishes such as strangozzi al tartufo nero.

Composer Gioacchino Rossini dubbed the truffle the “Mozart of mushrooms”.

The Festival of Truffle will be running while truffle season lasts, until mid-August.

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