The show was held on Sunday, October 25, at the Star Court Theatre.

From start to end, the performance provoked spontaneous applause among the audience.

Guests couldn’t help but think of their homeland as the melodious notes of new and old Italian songs were played, evoking memories, hopes and tears.

Italian actor and singer Luciano Tajoli was truly magnificent.

His performance was so natural, and he radiated youthfulness.

But the real Tajoli emerged later when it was his turn to sing.

He sang with voice, heart and soul. 

Only an artist with his talent and exuberance could have provoked such fervour and enthusiasm in the audience in the way that he did.

Also highly applauded was the pianist Luciano Maraviglia, who performed a repertoire including two original solos, and demonstrated himself to be, other than a perfect accompanist, a true virtuoso at the piano.

The elegant singer Maria Cervati received warm applause, especially from the males in the audience.