The four Italian car enthusiast clubs will get together and display their exquisitely cared-for automobiles.

“The Alfa Romeo Owners Club, the Fiat club of Australia, the Lancia Club of Australia and the Italian Made Social Motoring Club display our cars and the Concorso is the judging of the best in the group,” AROCA president Eddy Failla said.

The cars are judged on “a combination of what it looks like and how well the car has been maintained”, including “originality” in terms of “what is still considered to be factory fitted”.

Failla did mention that there is also a “modification” class.

Winners are awarded a take-home trophy, as well as having their name added to the perpetual trophy that is passed on from winner to winner, year to year, and which has been going almost as long as the AROCA club itself – around 45 years!

The club shop will be operating on the day with merchandise available.

There will also be a showcase of “a timeline of boxer engined 900 series cars including examples of the famous Alfasud, the beautiful Sprint, the ever practical 33 all the way up to the very last boxer engined Alfa Romeo, the 145”.

A dealer stand will also have on display some current models of Alfa Giulias and Stelvios.

Failla mentioned that his favourite model is probably “the Alfa Spider, the most renowned Alfa” from the 105 series which was in production from ’71 to ’75, although it was “very, very difficult” for him to choose.

All participants in the Show ‘n’ Shine category must have their Alfa on the field between 9:00 am and 10:00 am.

The judging will commence at 10:30 am and conclude by 12:30 pm.

Anyone who arrives with their Alfa after 10:00 am will be allowed to take their car on the field, but it will not be judged.

For more information visit AROCA’s website.