The smooth-sounding electronic dance act was the final band to play in the lineup at Mixed Grill, an eight-hour insight into the inner west’s local live music scene as part of Sydenham EDGE.

The act consists of siblings Antonia and David Gauci, completed by their “surrogate” brother Felix Lush.

The Bowlo club dance floor was brought alive by the group’s somewhat nostalgic brand of Italo Disco, which was pioneered by Italian house hit Giorgio Moroder in the 1970s.

As the sweet and slightly mournful voice of Antonia Gauci rang clear, the crowd was moved to dance to a darkly charming blend of synths and melodies.

GAUCI’s performance came some weeks after the launch of their single In the Night, “a song about second chances and fading relationships”.

“The song is a pumping club-friendly pop anthem that showcases a new direction for us,” GAUCI said.

“The production is bigger, badder and is a reflection of our love of a truly good pop song.”

The disco pop outfit have recently signed to Collective Artists, joining the likes of DD Dumbo and Blue Mountains favourite Julia Jacklin.

EDGE Sydenham will continue next weekend in the heart of Sydney’s industrial art base, Sydenham.

“The festival celebrates urban artists and cultural life, bringing together the industrial and creative arts industries of Sydenham showcasing where art is made, who is making it and why it matters,” Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne said.

The second weekend of EDGE Sydenham will feature a fire fuelled finale at the Fire Garden by Tortuga Studios, while a wonderland of movement and art will be on display at ElectroSK8 at Sydenham Skate Park. 

Visit GAUCI's Soundcloud for a taste of their refreshing Italo Disco.