The Ambassador of Italy, Mr E. Prato, and 300 Italians were all present at the event.

The first two acts of the concert were the choir of San Cristoforo, conducted by A. Facchin, followed by the popular Rino Trezza, who postponed his own honeymoon to take up the mic!

The biggest surprise of the evening was Antonietta Merla’s presentation.

Little Luciano Quadraccia also took to the stage, and proved himself to be an accomplished pianist.

Gigi Casalino also spoke well.

The show was concluded by Mr A. Facchin, who sang two of his celebrated songs.

The evening was closed by a speech from Father Boasso, Father Rodomnti, and Mr Prato.

Message for the Italian community

Before departing for Italy, Father Boasso gave this message to the Italian community of Canberra, Quenbeyan and Cooma:

“In the last three weeks I have had the pleasure of farewelling many of you before departing. In the goodbye festivals held in Canberra and Queanbeyan and in last Sunday’s Masses I was able to farewell hundreds of people. I don’t hide the fact that I was surprised and moved by the sympathy and affection that many demonstrated on the eve of my return to Italy. I leave with many sweet memories and with a strong desire to return, if it is God’s plan. I regret not being able to meet with everyone before my departure. I wish I could have made a final visit to the Italians in Cabramurra, River Camp, Section Creek, O’Hares Bridge, Eucumbene, Island Bend, Batlow and Goulburn. During my absence, all will continue as before. The dynamic Father Samuele is full of will and capacity. With a cordial goodbye to all, I remain sincerely yours: Father Dante Boasso.”