The price has been set at €0.74 per litre, following a meeting that took place last Friday and was attended by Giuseppe Marani, the prefect of the Sardinian province of Sassari, along with representatives of the farmers, food processing companies, and trade associations.

The new price of milk is not far from the farmers’ initial demand of €1.

The deal foresees a possible price rise in November on the basis of the market price of Pecorino Romano cheese, the parties said.

Sardinian sheep’s milk prices dropped from €0.85 per litre in 2018 to €0.60 per litre at the start of 2019 due to a reduction in the market price of Pecorino Romano cheese.

Approximately half of all Sardinian sheep’s milk is used for production of the Roman cheese.

In mid-February, farmers across the southern Italian island began blocking roads, attacking truck drivers, and dumping hundreds of litres of milk onto highways and streets in protest at the reduced rates, arguing the price of their product was too low to live off.