Entitled ‘Breaking the Mould: Women in Leadership with a Desire to Inspire’, the event will take place on Wednesday, April 3, at Cremorne restaurant Ms Frankie.

Boasting a menu full of traditional Italian fare, Ms Frankie is renowned for its fresh pasta a mano and tantalising antipasti.

On the evening, the restaurant’s owners, Melinda and Ioanna, will speak about their food journey and breathing life into Ms Frankie.

The two talented businesswomen will be joined at the panel by other influential women within the Italian community, including: Catherine Cervasio, best known as the founder and CEO of Aromababy; sports reporter and F1 Grand Prix co-host, Emma Notarfrancesco; and The Hon. Grace Portolesi, former South Australian Labor MP.

The event follows ALTO’s recent expansion to Adelaide, which was celebrated with a launch on Thursday, February 21, at Rigoni’s Bistro in the CBD.

“The event was well attended by young Italians working in various industries, many of whom had been following ALTO via Facebook and LinkedIn for years and were finally able to partake in an event on their doorstep,” the network said in a statement.

President of ALTO, Steven Perri, welcomed the Italian community of South Australia into the network by recounting its history and outlining its objectives.

“I have always said, and still believe strongly that a network is only as strong as the people in it, and a true network is only really created by having members who are willing to contribute, and are more interested in contributing and giving back rather than what they can get out of it – that is what makes a true network,” Perri said.

ALTO thanked The Hon. Vincent Tarzia and The Hon. Tony Piccolo for their kind words and support on the night, as well as ALTO South Australia board members, Steven Russo of PKF Adelaide and Christian Verdicchio of the University of Adelaide for their assistance in organising the event.

A second event in Adelaide will be announced shortly.

In the meantime, Melburnians are invited to head to Ms Frankie for an evening of engaging speakers, networking and exceptional Italian canapés.

“Food and good conversation are at the heart of this event and, let’s be honest, every Italo-Australian,” the network concluded.

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