The new location of the offices and printing press were blessed by the Apostolic Delegate, Archbishop Carboni.

All of the newspaper’s staff members were present at the ceremony.

Archbishop Carboni also mingled with the typesetters and compositors, taking an interest in their work and expressing words of admiration to each of them.

In another section of the page, we will print the text of Archbishop Carboni’s speech.

After the blessing, a cocktail party took place in the administration department, and many guests attended.

Among those present were: the head of the Italian Embassy’s commercial office, Mr Biasi; president of “Dante”, Captain Quaglia; Mr Comel from “Vanguard”; Mr Morpurgo from “Stock”; Mr Tedeschi-Roberts; the Postmaster; and important personalities in the political and commercial world of Sydney.

The buffet was organised and executed with skill by the famous Capri Cakes in Kensington.