English teacher Christopher Humphris, 72, and his colleague Susanna Andrei, 52, were struck by the vehicle and sent flying around 150 feet.

Humphris was killed on impact and Andrei was rushed to hospital with severe injuries.

Andrei, a mother of one, survived the accident and is now recovering from her injuries.

The SUV was driven by a 50-year-old disabled man, who was reportedly driving in a bus lane when the incident occurred.

The man was later tested for drugs and alcohol, with the results coming back negative.

The man’s wife was travelling in the passenger seat.

The couple were also taken to hospital but suffered only minor injuries.

Originally from Beckenham, Humphris was head of teacher training at the prestigious English school DILIT, in Rome.

A spokeswoman for the school said Humphris had taught there for 42 years.

“Christopher was in charge of teacher training and was the author of several books,” she said.

“We are really shocked. It is a big loss to the school.”