Luca Traini, a 28-year-old former security guard, committed the “revenge attack” on February 4, in response to the brutal murder of an Italian woman allegedly at the hands of Nigerian drug dealers.

Pamela Mastropietro’s body was found dismembered and stuffed into suitcases days before Traini’s shooting spree.

Traini, who surrendered to police with an Italian flag around his shoulders, was charged with attempted murder and racial hatred following the two-hour attack.

He admitted to being the perpetrator of the shooting but denied allegations that the attack was racially-motivated, insisting he wanted to target drug dealers and not people of African appearance.

“I wanted to hit the dealers, like those who sold drugs to Pamela,” he told police during questioning.

“It’s not my fault if in Macerata all the dealers are black.”

Traini’s defence team had provided a psychiatric report which stated that he suffered from a personality disorder and that he was not completely aware of his actions at the time of the attack.

Traini allegedly apologised to his victims in court, saying that he now understands that there is “no difference between whites and blacks”.