They assisted with Calapanama’s “10° work in progress painting” project.

Calapanama is a collective of artists, including painters, photographers, actors, musicians and singers, who meet every Saturday during spring and summer to release their creative energies at Palermo’s La Cala, a marine cove where recreational and fishing boats dock.

La Cala has become their open-air atelier.

It is said that the creative wind known as Calaria, il Vento dell’Arte blows freely there.

Antonino Gambino is the artist whose idea it was to gather a collective in this historic place.

Gambino is a notable marquetry artist (one of the few in Italy).

On Calapanama days he paints, engaging in the rewarding practice of sharing the group’s wonderful examples of contemporary artistic panoramas of Palermo.

The word “Panama” comes from the traditional straw hat which was worn to protect group members from the sun, which has become one of their distinctive traits.

September 28 marked the conclusion of the 2018 season for Calapanama.

They celebrated the day with an enthusiasm for art which united diverse people, personalities, styles and characteristics in one big, happy family.

The group’s motto is “love for art can change the world”.

Artists in the project include Domenico Guzzetta, Salvatore Calo’, Angela Sarzana, Caterina Zaffora, Sara Mineo Rizzo, Antonino Gambino, Giovanni Cappello, Giovanni Messina Arte, Giusy Megna, Mariella Ramondo, Nadia D’Anna, Vincenzo Roberto Gatto, Fabio Lo Porto, Maddalena Spano, Aldo Di Vita, Francesco Federico, Francesca Chiovaro and Sabrina Longi.