“Vroom, vroom, vroom”... this is the sound of the Italian Made Social Motoring Club (I.M.S.M.C.), who regularly meet to celebrate their beautiful Italian cars and show them off to an admiring audience.

From the humble to the glamorous, all Italian motor vehicles are welcome, including anyone interested in their conservation and maintenance.

Car brands regularly on display include Fiat and Alfa Romeo, and perhaps the odd Ferrari or Maserati.

The I.M.S.M.C. was formed with a strong emphasis on family, friends and driving classic Italian motor cars to and from places of interest.

Lino De Iulio, secretary, says that the aim of the club is to maintain the presence and awareness of Italian motor cars on Australian public roads.

“We’re driving cars in Australia that were developed in the '50s, '60s and '70s in Italy,” he says.

“We’re keeping that culture alive!”

Last weekend, Sydney’s largest Italian car display was scheduled for a nostalgic appearance at Gough Whitlam Park, in Earlwood.

Unfortunately, the event was cancelled due to rain.

The motor club will not be deterred, however, and look forward to their next appearance at the Norton Street Festa, Auto Festa on Sunday, October 28, alongside members from Alfa Club NSW, Ferrari Club Australia, Fiat Club of NSW and Alfa Club NSW.