After all, it will stick with them forever.

In Italy, children are traditionally named after their grandparents, meaning that many names are repeated throughout the generations.

Interestingly, in the Belpaese, it’s illegal to give your child the same moniker as you.

We’re all familiar with typical Italian girl names such as Maria, Francesca, Anna and Rosaria.

But there are many age-old and emerging names which are less common and are the perfect choice for those who want to stand out a little while still embracing their Italian heritage.

Take a look at our top 20 picks of unique Italian-inspired names for girls.

Aida: Meaning “happy”; pronounced eye-EE-da, this poetic name is widely associated with the title character of the 1871 Verdi opera, an enslaved Ethiopian princess who dies to save her people.

Allegra: Meaning “joyful” or “lively”; this name is perfect for a bubbly and energetic little girl.

Amalfi: Inspired by the southern Italian town of the same name and the picturesque Amalfi Coast; this original name is perfect for parents with a passion for travelling.

Amata: Italian for “beloved”; this is a sweet name which rolls off the tongue.

Ambra: Italian variation of Amber; this name puts a European twist on a popular English one.

Aurora: Meaning “dawn”; associated with the Roman goddess of dawn, this name is fit for a princess.

Azzurra: Italian for “light blue”; this exotic name is perfect for lovers of the ocean and the sky.

Carina: Meaning “cute”; this name is fitting for an adorable little girl.

Catena: Italian for “chain”; this is an unusual but melodic name which is easy for non-Italians to pronounce.

Chiara: Meaning “light” or “clear”; though this name is relatively common, its Italian spelling gives it a romantic touch.

Delfina: The Italian variation of Delphine; this name is one for babies born by the ocean.

Elena: Meaning “bright, shining light”; relatively common in Italy, this name will stand out in Australia.

Fidelia: Meaning “faithful”; with Latin roots, this striking name suits a strong little girl.

Fortuna: Italian for “luck”; a name fit for a baby girl who has overcome obstacles early on in life.

Ginevra: Italian name for the Swiss city of Geneva; this name is perfect for globetrotters and is a pretty alternative to Jennifer.

Italia: Meaning “Italy”; this name is the ultimate tribute to the Belpaese.

Luna: Italian for “moon”; this is a dreamy name for a gorgeous girl.

Oriana: meaning “dawn”; with a similar meaning to Aurora, this whimsical name has a hint of medieval magic.

Speranza: Italian for “hope”; this is a heavenly name for a girl who will go on to do wonderful things.

Viola: Italian version of Violet; this floral-inspired name is perfect for a spring baby.