A Gown for All Seasons

When the sun sets, slip into the timeless elegance, femininity and comfort of an exquisite Thea pure cotton gown. Thea offers a vast choice, from sumptuous, romantic nightgowns trimmed in fine lace à la Downton Abbey, to contemporary styles, night shirts, two piece sets with shorts, and pajamas.

But Thea is as much the companion of your sleep, as it is of a light evening by the fire or breakfast on the sun porch. New mothers will appreciate the long buttoned front of many styles, and these exquisite pieces always make perfect wedding, births, or end of the year gifts. Thea was created in 1988 by Marie de la Soudière who continues to design the collections. Each piece is crafted by a single seamstress, thus ensuring attention to details and consistant high quality based on Fair Trade principles.