In Italian homes, the famous Christmas sweets panettone and pandoro can linger in pantries for months after they are bought or received as a festive gesture from friends or relatives.

What can you do to ensure that none of these fluffy bread-like treats goes to waste?

Why not get creative and transform them into something unique and spectacular?!

If you have ended the festive season with an extra pandoro or two in tow, you could use them to create a decadent pandoro mille-feuille, featuring layers of pandoro and mascarpone cream instead of the traditional puff pastry and rich custard.

Alternatively, you could make a pandoro and strawberry tiramisù, using fresh fruit to put a tropical twist on an Italian classic.

For those with leftover panettone, the options are endless.

As school starts up for the year, you could use this treat to turn a lunchbox favourite – apple muffins – into something special that all kids will love.

And for the perfect dessert, try this recipe for panettone and pear crumble, featuring few ingredients but bursting with flavour.

Once you try these recipes, you’ll realise that the more leftover panettone and pandoro there is, the better!