The Vespa aficionados will enjoy a social gathering, with VCS covering part of the bill for the all-you-can-eat meal, for all of its financial members.

But members and non-members alike are invited!

The passion for the Vespa knows no borders.

From Italy, all the way to Sydney; it’s a passion that knows neither age nor limits.

Where there is an Italian, almost always, there is a Vespa.

The Vespa remains and will probably always remain the most preferred scooter, with a history that is tied with tradition and romance to Italy.

“Vespa will always be Vespa,” Sydney Vespa Club President Gaetano “Tano” Mozzo said.

“It’s a passion that I’ve had since I was a child in Italy.

“When I arrived in Sydney, I couldn’t give up the Vespa... so I bought a classic model with a manual gearbox.”

After chatting with friends and colleagues, he decided to form a club for all those passionate about the classic Italian scooter.

“I looked on the internet and I saw that there was no Vespa Club here,” Mozzo said.

“So I decided to make a Facebook page to get it started.

“Many people turned up to the first meeting, and in a few months the group had more than 80 people in it.

“I understood that it was time to make the club official.

“Now we are getting close to the club’s third birthday, and the number of members continues to grow; we have more than 130 members.

“It started out just for fun but now we have created a solid association made up of people who love to socialise and who are always ready to go for an outing on the Vespa.”

Vespa Club meetings are regular each month.

“We meet every second Sunday of the month for a coffee,” Mozzo said.

“We have breakfast together, chat and share anecdotes and laughter.

“Every fourth Sunday of the month we go for a ride on our Vespas, all together.

“It’s also a way of discovering Sydney, its amazing beaches and parks and the small suburbs that otherwise we would never visit.”

The trips vary in length, depending on the weather, the time of the year and the number of participants.

Vespa Club Sydney will celebrate its third anniversary on Sunday, October 13, at Nonna & Co, 153 165 Parramatta Road, North Strathfield.

For more information visit Vespa Club Sydney’s website.