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    Sformato di polenta

    Recipes by Maurizio Guercio

    You can make this dish with leftover polenta and use any filling of your choice.

    Serves 4

    • 500g polenta
    • 1¾ L water
    • Ham
    • Melting cheese
    • Butter
    • Grated cheese
    • Mushrooms (optional)

    1. Make the polenta as per usual, then spread it out to cool and cut into slices of about 4 cm.
    2. Grease a square oven tray. Lay the polenta pieces on the bottom of the tray followed by the ham, melting cheese and, if you like, mushrooms sautéed in butter.
    3. Add another layer of polenta. Sprinkle over the grated cheese and dot with butter.
    4. Bake in preheated oven at 180°C for about ½ hour or until a golden crust has formed.