Most people have heard of a Halal Snack Pack, a box of steaming hot chips topped with juicy halal-certified doner kebab meat, melted cheese, and one or more sauces - usually chilli, garlic and barbecue.

This mouthwatering meal has become the staple of a night out on the town (or perhaps the day after on the couch) and the definition of comfort food.

But they say “Italians do it better”, and one man is on a mission to prove that applies even when it comes to the popular Snack Pack.

Having opened its doors just three weeks ago, Enzo’s Pizzeria in the Melbourne suburb of Preston is now serving an Italian Snack Pack.

The carbolicious dish consists of hot chips doused in a rich Bolognese sauce and smothered in stringy mozzarella cheese, cooked in the oven to create a melted masterpiece.

The restaurant’s owner, Enzo Cucinotta, told the Herald Sun last Tuesday that people are going crazy for his new creation. 

“They’re hooked - we get a lot of repeat customers,” he said.

“What’s not to love about chips, Bolognese and mozzarella?”

Speaking to morning television program Sunrise , the 54-year-old explained that the meal is inspired by his childhood, when he used to dip chips into the pot while his mother was cooking her signature Bolognese sauce.

Eventually, his mother began pouring the sauce on top of hot chips and melting cheese on it, a combination which has proven to be a universal success around five decades later.

The Italian Snack Pack has even made headlines in Italy, with one of the nation’s leading daily newspapers, Corriere della Sera, publishing an article on the new phenomenon.

Could this be the beginning of a new worldwide trend?

Stay tuned in to find out.