Set to screen for the first time is Hong Kong director John Woo’s ‘Zhuibu’ (Manhunt).

A remake of a 1976 Japanese classic, the movie follows a Chinese man who has been framed for a murder in Japan and tries to clear his name while he dodges a manhunt organised by police.

Woo is no stranger to the Venice Film Festival, and in 2010 he was awarded the prestigious Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement.

Italian director Andrea Segre will also bring his latest masterpiece, ‘L’ordine delle cose’, to viewers for the first time at the festival.

The film features Corrado, a policeman working for a task force deployed to control migrant flows.

While coordinating a delicate mission in Libya, Corrado meets Swada, a young Somali woman who is trying to reach her husband in Finland.

Italian documentary ‘L'Enigma di Jean Rouch a Torino’, by Marco di Castri, Paolo Favaro and Daniele Pianciola, focuses on the “laboratory of ideas” founded by Rouch from 1984 through 1986 as he was preparing the 1988 film ‘Enigma’.

Rouch was an anthropologist and filmmaker and is considered one of the founders of a style of documentary filmmaking called cinéma-vérité.

The documentary is narrated by some of the original project's protagonists and will  compete in the documentary section.